Carrying around bunches of keys can not only be heavy, there’s also the risk that these can be lost, misplaced not only causing a major


Carrying around bunches of keys are not only heavy, there’s also the security risk they can be lost or misplaced, causing a major inconvenience and breach of security. For years people have depended on this type of system, but surely there must be a simpler and more effective solution to avoid lost keys, lockouts and possible theft?

Thankfully there is - known by a few names but more often referred to under the umbrella term of ‘Keyless Entry Locks.’ Blacks Locksmiths specialise in the installation of many different keyless entry locks, and explain some of the practical and security benefits for home and business owners installing these smart locking solutions below.

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Types of Keyless Entry Locks

  • Remote Operated – Most people are familiar with these in the form of a car or boat key that allows the convenience of unlocking and locking from a reasonable distance away.
  • Mechanical – Mechanical keyless entry locks are those which have push buttons using a combination of numbers entered to release the lock and open the door. Many mechanical locks are non-sequential meaning that if the code was (45678) the same numbers could be used in a different order to open the same lock eg. 87654 will still gain access. The main advantage of mechanical keyless entry locks is that they do not require a battery to operate.
  • Electronic – Electronic push button keyless locks are more sophisticated in the way multiple users and codes can be added or deleted to the system with a master code. The number entered must be in the correct sequence, unlike mechanical locks, or the door will not open. Electronic locks operate off battery power with the longest battery life lasting between 1-3 years depending on usage.

There are also more high tech and sophisticated keyless entry locks available including fingerprint and retina scan locks, however these can be highly priced and are most often necessary for an environment where highly classified information is kept.

Which are better: Electronic or Mechanical Keyless Entry Locks?

Generally we recommend electronic keyless locks over mechanical keyless locks as they are less easy to guess the combination and offer more protection in this way. However there may be some applications where the mechanical systems are more than sufficient. Electronic options are often preferred as they offer greater flexibility by being able to add and delete different users and tracking who has come and gone at each door. Compared to mechanical keyless locks where there is a risk that the numbers will, after repetitive use, reveal the combination, electronic keyless locks greatly reduces this risk, since over time the numbers will wear evenly, even from multiple users and code sequences.

So what are the benefits of keyless entry locks?

Keyless locking systems have transformed some of the biggest security issues presented by traditional lock and key systems. The main benefits include:

  • Eliminates time and costs associated with managing keys and implementing key control policies for businesses.
  • Locks cannot be easily broken, picked or tampered with, thereby enhancing physical security.
  • The convenience of not having to carry keys or risk losing keys, or of keys falling into the wrong hands.
  • Ease of installation. Many keyless entry systems are just as simple to install as standalone traditional locks.
  • No leaving of keys under mats or pot plants. Family members and trusted people can enter the code, and later, if needed the code can be easily changed.

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