Without the proper key control management your business is can potentially incur unnecessary expenses and theft ..


Without proper key control management, your business can potentially incur unnecessary expenses and loss due to theft. Keys can be given to the wrong person allowing them to potentially gain access to highly valuable and sensitive information.  Keys can also become lost and untraceable, causing a high security risk and an expensive re-keying process to rectify.

For these reasons managing keys and locks is an ESSENTIAL procedure when it comes to business. Below are some suggestions on how to manage keys effectively.

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Have a Formal Plan

Having a formal plan is a good way to maintain a system of controlling keys:

Step 1

State which personnel are authorised to have keys. Indicate to the organisation which keys they have or which doors they have access to and the reason why they need the key/s.

Step 2

Record the inventory of every entry point and every piece of security equipment on each door.

Step 3

Identify which keys fit each lock and record what keys and what doors are accessible.

Step 4

Label every door with an identification number, and label and record the matching key.

After these steps have been carried out, a written key control policy guide can be done. An easy to use key control guide outlines the areas of responsibility and allows greater control of the keys and therefore minimises the risk of keys going missing.

Choosing a key control system

A good key control system records the history of each key such as the date, time and user, when the key are taken and returned, only releasing keys to the appropriate authorised personnel with the relevant access code - these elements are integral to enforcing the written lock control policy.

Track your keys

It is best practice to keep track of keys using an auditing system. This can be done by recording the time and date of every single key use accessed by a member of staff. Digitalising this key information can help save time and cost in case there is a problem. A good key control system will have the capability of updating and reporting. For example, management can have instant access to who has keys or which employee last took out the keys.  An effective key control management system could send out an SMS or email alert to management if the keys have not been returned by the scheduled time.

Planning and implementing a key control system and policy is essential to effective key management. For more assistance with commercial locksmith services to fortify the security in your Brisbane business call us today on (07) 3382 0755.



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