Car theft and theft of belongings from vehicles costs Australians millions each year in increased insurance premiums and associated costs.


Car theft and theft of belongings from vehicles costs Australians each year in terms of property loss, increased insurance premiums and associated costs. However often these break ins or thefts can be prevented. This can mean your set of wheels doesn’t need to become a target for criminals.

In this info sheet, our vehicle locksmiths and security specialists share some smart vehicle security advice to help prevent your car from being a target. Call Blacks Locksmith now on (07) 3382 0755.


Lock Doors and Wind Up Windows

An unlocked door or a window not rolled up can be an invitation for an otherwise law abiding citizen or potential thief to poke around in your car and help themselves to your contents. Locking doors and windows are an obvious way to secure your car, but they are also some of the things most often neglected, leading to potential vehicle and contents theft. Make sure all your locks are fully operational in your vehicle, as quite often there is one door lock that has become jammed or stuck.

Don’t Leave Valuable Items in View

Leaving a wallet, GPS, phone or shopping in plain sight is a way to entice opportunistic thieves. A beter way is to instead hide items in the boot or glove box, or better yet take what you can with you. Car transponder / immoblizer spare keys should also be locked away inside your house as some insurance companies will not cover a stolen car if the house is broken into and the keys are to be found on a hook in the kitchen! New car keys from 2000 onwards are a security key and must be stored in a secure location. It’s important to check with your insurance company its criteria for car key storage.

Install an Engine Immobiliser

If your vehicle is an early model vehicle before 2001, it may not have an electronic immobiliser fitted to the car’s engine to prevent it from being started unless the correct key is used. Installing one is relatively inexpensive and can also help to reduce your insurance premium.

Don’t Make Your Vehicle A Target

Custom wheels, body kits and stereo systems can all make your car more attractive to thieves. Keeping your car 'looking basic' can also help to not draw attention to your car making it an unnecessary target.

Park Securely Whenever Possible

Ideally this means off the street and in a lock up garage. Even in a driveway is better than parking directly on the street. When out, pay attention to the surroundings where you will be leaving your car. If it looks like a dark area with few other vehicles around, the higher the chances are of making your car a target. Be aware too that the highest proportion of car crime takes place on the street outside the owner’s home, so please be vigilant with locking doors and closing windows.

Be Smart with Your Keys

Practice good habits with your keys at all times. This means not leaving them lying around on your desk at work, or on the side table near your front door at home. As cars are becoming harder to start without a key, thieves are now turning their attention to stealing keys before they steal the car.

We can repair and service the locks in vehicles of all makes and models to keep your car secure. Don’t get caught out without a replacement key. We can supply and program keys at a fraction of the cost that your car manufacturer would charge. Secure your car today with Blacks Mobile Locksmiths. Call us now on (07) 3382 0755.



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